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Errors and Troubleshooting Tips

The best place to start, when your flows are not performing correctly, is to view your Flow Logs. Typically, an error will show in the Errors Only view but for more complex errors, or to follow a log of what happened, you can investigate the Actions Only or the Everything view for more detail. DEACTIVATE any flow to stop it's execution.

Note: The Developer Page for the Podio App will not only help troubleshoot Hook Events but also help when troubleshooting a Field Error for a specific Field ID.


Bad Request Errors

  • PodioBadRequestError: "Missing mandatory field name"
    ~Field blank - no data to pull back for action to complete
    Solution: Check data in field tokens, if a field is required, make sure it has a value before triggering the flow.

  • PodioBadRequestError: "The referenced item is not valid"
    ~The referenced item is no longer valid and has been deleted
    Solution: Remove the Referenced Item and replace.

  • PodioBadRequestError: "Multiple is not allowed for field "##""
    ~A Field being updated does not allow multiple selections
    Solution: Check Podio template in destination Workspace to ensure Multiple choice is allowed on Category, Relationship and Contact fields. Alternatively, you can take the field id ## and match it with the correct field in the developer page of the app.

  • PodioBadRequestError: "Invalid value "##" (string): must be integer or must be object"
    ~A contact field token is returning the wrong value to copy in a Calc Update
    Solution: Wrap the Token in an intval() to force it into an integer.

  • PodioBadRequestError: "A value is required for either 'start', 'start_date' or 'start_utc'"
    ~Action step is updating the End Date Field only
    Solution: Add a step to update the date field using the Items current value

  • PodioBadRequestError: "Invalid value "31 Mar 2017" (string): Must be a date in the format YYYY-MM-DD"
    ~This error is usually received when the date token is being used
    Solution: Create a custom variable to format the Podio date correnctly.

  • PodioBadRequestError: ""
    ~Field has been deleted or changed in Podio.
    Solution: Complete a Refresh from Podio in GlobiFlow to update the App Data

  • PodioBadRequestError: "Last view can only be used by users"
    ~Get View Action is unable to collect view.
    Solution: Complete a Refresh from Podio in GlobiFlow and confirm Action is set to collect the proper view, resave flow.

Find Errors

  • Find Error: too many results for "SOMETHING". Truncating at 99
    ~Search is returning too many results
    Solution: Revise the search criteria to reduce the results returned. If you are performing multiple collector steps, using the Clear Collected action may help reduce the load.

Forbidden Errors

  • PodioForbiddenError: "Must be at least light on user to perform this operation"
    ~The contact in the specified field is not or is no longer a valid workspace member
    Solution: Remove Contact Member before triggering flow.

  • PodioForbiddenError: "The app with id ## does not have the right view on profile with id ##"
    ~The Contact reference is not a valid member in the destination workspace
    Solution: Add user in Contact Field to destination workspace or remove from the item.

  • PodioForbiddenError: "The app with id ## does not have the right comment on item with id ##"
    ~App Settings do not allow comments.
    Solution: Update App Settings and complete a Refresh from Podio in GlobiFlow

  • PodioForbiddenError: "The app with id ## does not have the right update on item with id ##"
    ~The App does not allow edits to be made by users
    Solution: Update the App Settings to allow edits to App Items by users or change the Action Authentication to an Admin member.

  • PodioForbiddenError: "The app with id ## does not have the right add_file on item with id ##"
    ~The App does not allow files to be added to the Item
    Solution: Update the App Settings to allow files. This is done by clicking the wrench on the Modify Template page.

  • PodioForbiddenError: "The user with id ## does not have the right view on widget with id ##"
    ~Main Account User must be an Admin member of the workspace to have privileges to access the widgets
    Solution: Update to an Admin level in the App.

  • PodioForbiddenError: "The user with id ## does not have the right grant_view on item with id ##"
    ~The Sharing User is on a Basic of Free Podio Plan
    Solution: Upgrade to a Podio Plus or Premium Plan.

Gone Errors

  • PodioGoneError: "gone"
    ~This happens when changes have been made to the App that have not been brought into GlobiFlow.
    Solution: Complete a Refresh from Podio to update your workspaces.

  • PodioGoneError: "Item has been deleted"
    ~This error is because flows triggered on an item that has been deleted. Happens mostly on date flows. When the midnight job flow runs on the items we have on file, this error occurs when an item has been deleted by a user or another flow.
    Solution: Resave the Date Triggered flows and/or place a Wait/Delay before any delete step.

Invalid Grant Errors

  • PodioInvalidGrantError: "Sorry, your OAuth grant has expired"
    ~The Podio Authentication Token is no longer valid. This happens when the API key is revoked, there was a password change, or an extended absence from logging in.
    Solution: Have the Main Account or Sharing User sign in to GlobiFlow to Re-Authorize.

Not Found Errors

  • PodioNotFoundError: "No matching operation could be found. Missing parameters: source"
    ~The API is trying to attach a file to Podio but the file is missing. This usually is involved in images

PHP Errors

  • PHP Error in eval: ""==""
    ~There is an error in the calculation
    Simulate Vars on a Podio Item to check calculations

  • Fatal PHP Error: Memory Exhausted!
    ~Too many items are being collected for the actions to work
    Solution: Reduce the amount of Items being collected.

Sharing Errors

  • ERROR: Could not authenticate to Podio with sharing user
    ~Sharing Action is using a member who is not an Admin member of the workspace
    Solution: Adjust the User in the Shared By field

SMTP Errors

  • ERROR: Failed sending email - exception 'phpmailerException' with message 'SMTP Error: Data not accepted.' in /var/www/flow/html/inc/PHPMailer-master/class.phpmailer.php:1060
    ~Microsoft office requires the email to be sent by the user
    Solution: Update the From Address to match the SMTP Login Credentials.

  • ERROR: Failed sending through server "" - sending normally from GlobiFlow" : exception 'phpmailerException' with message 'SMTP Connect() failed.' in /var/www/flow/html/inc/PHPMailer-master/class.phpmailer.php:1008
    ~The assigned SMTP server has failed to connect
    Solution: Disconnect SMTP and enter the credentials again to send a test message.

SMS Errors

  • ERROR: Failed sending SMS to "+19999999999" - Invalid recipient
    ~Phone number is not a valid phone number
    Solution: Adjust the sending number to be in correct format

  • ERROR: Failed sending SMS to "+19999999999" - Throttled
    ~The service does not permit trying to send multiple messages to the same number
    Solution: Do not send SMS messages to the same number without waiting 60 seconds in between.

Unavailable Errors

  • PodioUnavailableError:
    ~ This is an error with a single API call generating a 504 error. The flow won't stop, but the remainder of the flow results may be unpredictable.
    Solution: Check all involved items to ensure your data is consistent. Look at the log to get relevant Podio Item ID.


  • ERROR: (Warning) Flow had to fetch more than 1000 items from Podio. This will take hours and not all actions may complete.:
    ~ This is an warning when collecting too many items on a Date Triggered flow because of Less Than or Greater Than settings.
    Solution: You should filter only on date field EQUAL to current date. See Throttling Webhooks for advice on Mass Updates.

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